Lineable was founded to combat the issue of missing children. Today, the accessibility and functionality found in Lineable One provide another use case in the current COVID-19 crisis.


Different methods and technologies are used to contain the spread of the virus. Results vary from country to country but we still face a growing number of global cases. At Lineable, we believe that there needs to be a uniform approach to tackle the problem.

With location tracking at its core, Lineable V can utilize the technology to contain the further spread all over the world.


Updates the location of the wearable so the wearer's whereabouts can be tracked.

The interval of location updates can be sped up when necessary.


Measures and monitors health vitals most commonly associated with COVID-19 such as body temperature and oxygen saturation levels.


Detects when the device is worn and when it is removed. In the case of removal, the monitoring system gets alerted.


Alerts officials when the device leaves the pre-determined quarantine boundaries.


Monitors interactions across devices to allow for swift and efficient action in the case of suspected COVID-19.

Adapted for COVID-19 use cases, Lineable V meets all the requirements of the optimal solution for tracking those under self-quarantine and keeping employees safe in their working environments.

01 Cost-effective to be deployed in wide-scale
Designed to be a low-cost solution that can be distributed to the masses.


02 Long battery life
Optimized to last for 7 days by focusing on the core elements needed to monitor quarantine measures.

03 Ability to detect symptoms, track/trace, and isolate those infected

Enhanced sensors that monitor body temperature, heart rate, oxygen saturation levels, geolocation, and any abnormalities in the wearer's regular activity pattern.