Q. The alarm doesn’t sound even when my child is away.
A. If the alarm doesn’t sound even the child wearing Lineable is away more than the effective distance, try updating Lineable application to the latest version. Or if pop-up blocking application is installed on your smartphone, delete it and try connecting the device to the smartphone again. Lastly, please check your smartphone setting to see if you set Lineable application not to send any notifications.
Q. The alarm sounds even when my child wearing Lineable is nearby.
A. The signal might be lost and alarm will sound even shorter than or within the effective distance if Lineable is indoors or within a crowded environment. Also the signal can be blocked by doors or walls and such blockage can trigger an alarm too.
Q. Why can’t I track the current location of my child with Lineable?
A. The primary function of Lineable is preventing children from going missing. The smartphone with our application installed will be able to detect a signal sent by the Lineable the child is wearing via Bluetooth technology. When the child is away further than the effective distance(20m~30m), the signal transmission will stop then the alarm will sound from the smartphone. Only the most recent location before the signal is lost can be checked. But as long as another Lineable application user is near the missing child, the application will inform the location of the child detected by another user to his/her guardian. The more smartphone nearby with the application installed, the more precise the tracking will be.
Q. I can’t register Lineable to my smartphone, what might be the problem?
A. If you can’t register Lineable to application, it might be a temporary signal error. Try pressing the button behind again for about 3 seconds to register. Lastly, please check if you turned on Bluetooth on your smartphone (also GPS for Androids) to connect with the device.
Q. The app shows ‘connecting..’ even if I keep trying to connect Lineable with the app.
A. The Lineable must be near the smartphone with the app installed in order to be connected. But if this continues to happen even with the device nearby, it might be a temporary signal error. Please try turning on and off Bluetooth on your smartphone or if you registered multiple Lineables, try swiping the screen to switch between different Lineables. And for the Androids with the latest software version, please turn on GPS for the most precise signal transmission.
Q. Is it okay to use Lineable several months after purchase?
A. Often, battery naturally discharges when it is left unused for a long time. Lineable comes with battery and usually the battery products need to be activated within two months. We strongly recommend registering Lineable at the time of purchase.
Q. Can I charge my Lineable?
A. We created Lineable to be 100% water resistant and it is impossible to replace its battery. The battery lasts for about a year from the time of registration and we recommend buying new Lineables in different sizes as your children grow.
Q. Can I wash Lineable with water?
A. Lineable is water/dust resistance. However, if the band is torn or damaged water will penetrate. We recommend cleaning Lineable with wet wipe.
Q. How many Lineables can be registered to a single account?
A. There is no limit to a number of Lineables to be registered to a single account. However, we strongly recommend registering maximum of 7 Lineables for the best signal transmission.
Q. Will my registered Lineable remain the same if I login via LINE, KakaoTalk, or Facebook after creating an account with my email?
A. The account created with email and the account created with LINE, KakaoTalk, and Facebook will be considered separate accounts and the registered Lineables will not be shared. If you logged in to our app using different account, please register different Lineable.
Q. How many people can I add as protectors?
A. There is no limit to a number of protectors to be added.
Q. Can Lineable be used in other countries?
A. As long as Bluetooth is turned on, the alarm will function anywhere around the world. However, the tracking function via other Lineable application users’ GPS data requires roaming or Wi-Fi turned on.
Q. Is it possible to set the distance?
A. he effective distance cannot be adjusted. But we have tested Lineable numerous times in various environments and found the best distance to send an alarm.