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Jun 11

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Welcome to the forum for discussion of Lineable Companion. Please give your feedback on our blog posts, whether you support our idea or oppose them, as we would like to hear all opinions on the subject. You can also suggest features and share your experience with other products in the market.


Team Lineable

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  • I got an idea I would like to share with you all, that I think might be a good addition to the product. (If it is at all possible to do) For 2 years now I have been part of a "pet search and rescue" group on Facebook. This group has over 25.000 members and they are all really dedicated to getting lost pets back to their homes. Most of the community members help share posts of lost pets on their feeds, share information when sighted or even go out and search for them if the pet has been seen near their homes! While all efforts are welcomed, there are still plenty of pets that never get found (or found when it is already too late...) because people don't know when and what to look for where, fast enough. So I was thinking. Since you were saying that your lost pet could also be detected by those other LoRa Gateways, is it not possible to alert those people that own the gateway that your lost pet has just entered their network? Something like: "A lost pet has entered your network near Boulevard street." and add some information like: "it is a black cat with green eyes and a blue collar". "please call xxx-xxx-xxx if you see it". This would greatly speed up the process and I'm sure a lot more pets will be found!

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