Updated: Jun 11, 2019

At Lineable, we care about the safety of your family.

By focusing on core functions and using the most advanced technologies (Bluetooth, GPS and LoRA), Lineable delivers the most effective and price competitive gadgets to the market.

Our previous model Lineable One a smart safety wearable designed for children, we exceeded our crowdfunding target by over 300% in 30 minutes.

And, even before the official launch in May 2019, numerous partners have shown interest to launch the Children Safety Wearable in their networks.

It’s been long since pets have been part of our lives and now we consider them as part of our family as well.

So, we embarked on a journey to make the best pet tracker on the markets today.

To begin with, we did a market research.

Our Research

A lot of today’s wearable “smart” products are trying to compete by providing more features than their competitors. Often this results in overcomplicated devices with gadgets that only end up overloading its users with useless information. Ultimately downgrading the product-user experience because of the increased power consumption and lowered lifespan of the battery.

Adding more features ultimately result in adding more components. This means that the device will become heavier, larger and uncomfortable for the pets to use. Many of the current products on the market have taken this so far that their devices are no longer suitable to be carried by a large majority of the pet spectrum.

Most of the items on the market today utilize cellular networks such as 3G to communicate with their owners. But using such a model often comes with hefty, mandatory subscription fees. While the price of the product might not seem much at first, using this payment model quickly raises the device operations cost and eventually outmatches the value the product, making it not worth using after a while.

While many current wearable pet products put a lot of emphasis on product features and function, there is a definitive lack of attention to the design and usability aspect of these devices. This leads to a poorly designed product and user experiences that make the devices difficult to use and not suitable for their environments.

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