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Updated: Jun 10, 2019

To recap: there are four main parts we aim to improve with our new design. A longer lasting battery life to improve the product-user experience. Getting rid of the expensive “pay to use” subscription model. A wearable device suited for all domesticated pets, no matter the size or race. A dedicated design to improve product and user experience in the field.

So how do we do this?

Well, it all starts with an idea: complete peace of mind. We want focus on what matters: bringing the feeling of safety to our users and simplify the product to a point where it can bring the maximum amount of value, for the lowest price possible. Allow me to explain with a simple scenario sketch.

The total product solution is made up out of three (or more, depending if you want to add more pets) parts. The first part being a “LoRa gateway”. This device looks very similar to a WIFI router, as you also need to connect it to the internet and a 220v wall outlet. But it does something different.

It creates a 4Km in diameter zone around the house, that allows the device attached to your pet (called “the node”) to communicate with your smartphone. It is THE part that makes our tracking solution so different from the rest, as it creates the possibility to be independent, eliminating subscription or “pay to use” costs.

The second component called “the beacon” is a Bluetooth device combined with a charger for “the node”. It is placed somewhere near the centre of the property or as close as possible to the garden. This device has two function. The first one is recharging “the node” attached to the pet’s collar.

The second function is that it will form a kind of dome around the property. This dome acts as a “safety zone” for the pets. So, if they are within the “safety zone” the pets are considered as “safe”. This means that, if the pets are within this zone, “the node” will not have to track their location as they are regarded to be safe. So, the device will not really consume power in this state, allowing to save tremendous amounts of battery when compared to other trackers on the market. It will be a device that only tracks and send location information when it is really needed. So, assuring the product will have enough power left for you to retrieve your pet in case of emergency.

The last component of the total product solution is “the node” itself. It is the part that is attached to your pets’ collar and is designed to be as unobtrusive and comfortable as possible. To both the pet wearing it, and the owner who will need to interact with it every so often.

So now that we have introduced the different components, how do these come together to make the product work? Well, it’s simple. When the pet leaves the “safety zone” dome created by the beacon, the node attached to the pet will activate the GPS location traction as well as notify the owner on their smartphone.

When the owner receives this notification, he/she can see the name of the pet that left the “safety zone”, the time it happened and the current location. If the owner then opens the Lineable app, he/she will see the track the pet has been taking, allowing the owner to start the pursuit and retrieve the pet. The most recent location of the pet is updated every 10, 5 or 1 minute(s), depending on the owner’s preference. The shorter the interval, the faster the battery will be drained, so it is important not to use the 1-minute interval all the time.

But what happens when the owner is too late and the pet roams outside of the network communication range? That’s where another feature of our technology comes into play. Remember that we said we were using a different kind of communication network called “LoRa”? Well, one of LoRa’s additional features is its ability to grow and improve the network communication range.

Whenever someone deploys a LoRa gateway, the network is expanded. If your pet roams outside of your LoRa network range, but into another person’s LoRa network range, the node attached to your pet will still be able to communicate with you! This feature does not only make the model free to use, it also makes it a crowd sourced network. Meaning, that it improves and becomes more accurate the more people use it.

Making it extremely reliable and affordable when more and more people join.

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